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福建中考总温习九年级上册Unit 2条记
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本文摘要:福建中考总温习九年级上册Unit 2条记1. What a shame! 真可耻!shy(形容词)含羞的+名词 shame (名词)羞耻 She is a shy girl.2. Look, there are several chemical factories pouring waste water into the streams.看,有几家化工厂正在往小溪排放废水。


福建中考总温习九年级上册Unit 2条记1. What a shame! 真可耻!shy(形容词)含羞的+名词 shame (名词)羞耻 She is a shy girl.2. Look, there are several chemical factories pouring waste water into the streams.看,有几家化工厂正在往小溪排放废水。several 许多的=many waste water 废水 pour---into---把---排入--- My father can speak several languages.家父会说数种语言3. Everything has changed. 一切都变了。4. It's difficult for me to breathe. I've got a pain in my throat. 呼吸对我来说有难题。

我的嗓子疼。The bee bites me on the head. 蜜蜂蛰了我的头breathe (动词)呼吸 breath (名词)呼吸 take a deep breath 深呼吸 out of breath 上气不接下气breathing problem 呼吸问题 It's healthy to breathe deeply in the morning早上作深呼吸对身体有益。

Take a deep breath and blow it away. 深呼吸,然后一口吻把他吹走。5. How long have you been like this? 你像这样多久了? I've been like this since last week.自从上周以来我就已经这样了。6. Have you seen a doctor? 你已经看过医生了吗?7. The chemical factory produces terrible gas. 化工厂生产恐怖的空气。chemistry (名词)化学 chemical(形容词)化学的,化工的8. I'm always in a bad mood because I can't bear the environment here. 我总是心情欠好,因为我无法忍受这里的情况。

bear 熊 bear 忍受=stand 9. Although I agree with you, I have a better idea. 只管我同意你的看法,可是我另有个更好的主意although=though虽然------可是------ 不与but 连用 but可是He went to work although he was sick.= Although he was sick, he went to work =He he was sick, but he went to work他虽然病了,但还是去上班了。10. By the way, have you notice the dead fish in the river? 顺便问一下,你注意到这条河里的死鱼了吗?notice作名词,意为"布告,通告,启事",是可数名词 There is a notice on the office gate saying "No Parking". 办公室门口上贴着一张"克制停车"的通告。

notice作动词,意为"注意到,留心,看到" Did you notice Jack come in? 你注意到杰克进来了吗? 11. Air pollution is harmful to people's health. 险些所有人都知道空气污染对人们的康健有害。be harmful to意为“对……有害”,相当于do harm to或be bad for。Smoking is harmful to our health.=Smoking does harm to our health.=Smoking is bad for our health.吸烟对我们的康健有害。

health (名词)康健 healthy (形容词)康健的 unhealthy (形容词)不康健的Health is the most important. So we have to do sports to keep healthy. Don’t eat unhealthy food.康健是最重要的,所以我们一定要多运动来保持康健,不要吃不康健的食物。12. People who work and live in noisy conditions often go deaf .事情和生活在嘈杂情况的人经常失聪。

lose their hearing.= hearing loss. 丧失听力noise (不行数名词)噪音 make a noise 制造噪音 too much noise 太多噪音 You can't make a noise in the library. 你不行以在图书馆发出噪音。noisy (形容词)喧华的+名词 Living in a noisy place for a long time can make you deaf. 恒久住在嘈杂的情况下,容易变聋13. It not only disturbs others but also does great harm to people's hearing.它不仅打扰了别人,而且对人们的听力造成庞大的伤害。14. Nowadays many countries are trying to solve all sorts of environmental problems, including noise pollution.现如今,许多国家正试图解决种种各样的情况问题,包罗噪音污染。

all sorts of种种各样 include 包罗15. Cars and machines also produce too much noise. 车子和机械同样发生太多的噪音。produce (动词)生产,发生 product (名词)产物 producer 生产者16. The wind outside is blowing strongly. 外面的风在猛烈地吹 =The wind is so strong!strong (形容词)强壮的 strongly(副词)强壮地heavy(形容词)重的 heavily(副词)重地 The rain rains heavily= The rain is heavy. 雨下得很大。

17. What bad weather! 何等糟糕的天气!What’s the weather like? =How is the weather? 天气怎么样18. While I was walking down the street just now, I couldn't see anything.适才我正走在大街上时,我什么也看不见。just now适才(已往式) now(现在举行时) 现在 I saw him just now. 我适才瞥见他了。

He is playing the guitar now. 他现在在弹钢琴。19. People have cut down too many trees. As a result, a lot of rich land has changed into desert.人们砍伐了太多的树木效果,大量肥沃的土壤酿成了沙漠。

cut down砍伐 As a result效果 change into酿成, =translate into翻译成 Can you translate(change) the Chinese into English.20. How can that affect the weather?那些是如何影响天气的呢?affect (动词)影响 effect(名词)效果21. How can we avoid a serious water shortage?我们该如何防止严重的水资源短缺呢?avoid doing sth 制止做某事 be short of ----缺少----- the shortage of---什么的短缺You'd better avoid driving in the center of the city. 你最好制止在市中心开车。We are short of breathing mask(口罩)。我们缺少口罩。

The shortage of mask(口罩)is very serious . 口罩短缺很是严重22. Trees can stop the wind from blowing the earth away. 树木能防风固土。stop sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 blow ---away 把---吹走 wash---away 把----冲走23. They can also stop the water from washing the earth away.他们也能防止水土流失。24. A lot of water can be saved by forests. 森林可以贮存大量的水分。

save 拯救 节约 We should save every drop of water. 我们应该节约每一滴水。The man saves the boy from the river. 这个男的从河中救出了谁人小男孩。25. The daughter has never married..(他的)女儿从未结过婚。marry sb =get married to sb 与某人完婚 be married 已婚的 She has been married for five years. 她已经完婚5年了。

26. China has become the world's largest producer and user of coal. 中国已经成为世界上最大的煤炭生产国和消费国。27. Air pollution has become a serious problem. 空气污染成为了一个严重的问题。pollute (动词)污染 pollution (名词)污染 The gas pollutes the air. 那些气体污染了空气。28. None of us likes pollution. 我们没有一小我私家喜欢污染。

29. We shouldn't leave rubbish here and there. 我们不应该随处乱扔垃圾。leave 把---留在--- throw 扔 throwaround乱扔 30. Don't spit anywhere in public. 不在公共场所随地吐痰。

31. Don't walk on grass or pick flowers. 不要蹂躏草坪和采摘花朵。32. Everyone should care for wild animals and plant more trees. 大家应该关爱野生动物,而且多种植树木。33. We should do everything(we can) to protect the environment. 我们应该尽一切努力掩护情况。

protectsb掩护某人 protectsbfromdoingsth 掩护某人免受----的伤害34. Some things we've done are very good for the earth while others are bad.我们已经做的一些事情对地球有益,而其它的是有害的。while 当----时候 while 然而35. The heat from the sun can't escape so the temperature is rising. 太阳的高温不能获得疏散泄漏,所以温度正在升高。What’s the temperature?温度几度。

36. It causes the level of the oceans to rise and the climate of the earth to change. 它引起了海洋的水平面的上升和地球气候的变化。I have to improve my English level. 我得好好提高我的英语水平。

37. We must do something now. 现在我们必须有所行动了。38. Could I ask you a few questions? 我可以问你几个问题吗?39. We should reduce the waste we produce. 我们应该淘汰浪费。waste (动词)浪费 Don’t waste water 不要浪费水waste(形容词)废弃的 we can recycle the waste paper 我们可以接纳废纸。

waste(名词)废弃物、垃圾 Don’t throw the waste here and there. 不要随处扔垃圾reduce 淘汰 reuse 重复使用 recycle 循环使用40. We should use both sides of paper and reuse plastic bags. 我们应该使用双面纸和再次使用塑料袋。each side =both sides 双方 There are many trees in each side of the road.= There are many trees in both sides of the road在路的双方有许多的树。41. We encourage students to collect waste paper and soft drink cans. 我们勉励学生去收集废纸和汽水罐。

encourage sb to do sth 勉励某人做某事collect (动词)收集 collection (名词)收藏品 I like collecting stamps 我喜欢收集邮票 Coin is a kind of collection. 硬币是一种收藏品42. It's a pleasure. 不用谢。43. Would you like to be a greener person? 你想成为一个更环保的人吗?44. You ought to shut off the electricity when you leave a room. 当你脱离房间的时候,应当随手关灯。

ought to do sth 应该做某事 ought not todosth不应该做某事 He ought not to shout at you. 他不应该这样对你吼。45. Take a cloth bag when you go shopping. 当你去购物时带个布袋。46. Easier said than done. 说来容易做来难。47. Actions speak louder than words. 行动胜于言辞。

48. people produce power from coal人们用煤炭发电,power 动力,电,权利49. The cost is high. 成本比力高。cost (动词)花费 cost (名词)用度Price 价钱(只有崎岖) 工具是贵贱 The price of the book is high=The book is expensive=The cost of the book is high 这本书很贵。high price 高价 low price 低价 expensive 贵 cheap 自制的 what’s the price of the book?=How much is the book?这本书几多钱?50. Electric vehicles were developed in the 1990s. 电动车辆是在二十世纪九十年月被生长起来的。51. We don’t allow going out without breathing mask. 没有带口罩不允许出门。

allow doing sth 允许做某事allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事 My mother doesn't allow me to smoke。





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